Casino Royale Madagascar on a budget

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Bond’s Casino Royale Madagascar look is one of the hardest looks to get right. You have to wear what is essentially a Hawaiian shirt, khakis, and trail shoes. The shirt alone took hours to find!

If you wanted to look like Magnum P.I., you could use any old Hawaiian shirt, but if you want to look like James Bond, you need to go a little subdued so that we can blend-in.

It was really hard to find a subdued shirt, and here’s the best I could find.

Amazon Image

You can use the same Khaki pants that I’ve recommended for Bond’s “Enjoying Death” look,
Amazon Image

and add the classic Heather gray shirt.
Amazon Image

You can wear the Chukkas that I’ve recommended before, Amazon Image

or these:
Amazon Image

This shoe is actually closer to the Converse Jack Purcell OTR shoe used in the film but for us I think the Chukkas would work just fine.

For an Omega look-alike, this is best budget watch with black leather strap like Bond wears in the chase.
Amazon Image

Counting everything, and not discounting for many of the items that you could be buying for other looks, this whole outfit will cost only $180.