Skyfall “Enjoying Death” clothes on a budget

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For Commander Bond’s “Enjoying Death” look we don’t need to visit a scorpion bar!

The right kind of jacket can be hard to find, and prices and availability changes day to day. What you need to look for though is a brown, Distressed Classic Leather JacketAmazon Image (Note: The price of this jacket is so good that it tends to sell out very quickly. I’ve had to search for this same model of jacket 4 seperate times. If you can’t find it in your size, wait a few days and I’ll try to update this post.)

A lightly dotted, floral, or striped print is what we need for the “Enjoying Death” shirt.

Amazon Image
Amazon Image

The pants Bond wears in this Skyfall scene are actually a light grey but for our purposes we’re going to go with khaki pants. The Khakis are multi-purpose since we can use them for our Casino Royale Madagascar look, and the Miami Airport look, when Bond has his meeting in the Bahamas with M, and Bond’s trip to Haiti in Quantum.

Amazon Image

For the boots, just like the pants, we’re not looking for an exact match, we want something that will work for this outfit and others.
The Chukkas boots that I’ve previously recommended will work just fine.
Amazon Image

This entire outfit will cost about $400, but you can re-use the pants and chukkas for other outfits!